Felt like sharing what has been in my playlist lately. These are not just songs to me , as I usually say . They are prayers stocked up with melodies and they reflect on the nature of God .

The playlist features the following songs

I surrender-Hillsong United(Of Dirt and Grace) . A reminder that a life lived from a place of surrender is a life of peace and freedom.

Prince of Peace

When our thoughts wage war, His love surrounds us. When fear comes knocking , He will be our guard. The prince of peace

Nothing Else-Edward Rivera(Original by Cordy Canes)

Nothing else, nothing else Nothing else will do I just want You. This is a prayer that God reminds us that only His presence matters in our lives. Quite a vulnerable kind of a song but isn’t that the beauty of having a relationship with God? Staying vulnerable and letting Him do according to his will

Naomba-Wanjira Mathai(Original by Adawnage Band)

I will definitely take the hit for this but I personally think this acoustic performance of Naomba is better than the original. You can feel the vulnerability in the lyrics , the melody and a sense of calm around it

Pieces -Amanda Lindsey Cook

This is a song that I treasure a lot . It’s quite the opposite of what we sometimes are . The lyrics point to the love of God and it’s nature. In the stillness , you can realize that our human tendencies can be so far away from who God is , but it draws you closer to Him once you accept that distance in our love and work towards being more like Jesus.

You can download and keep it in your device. Thanks for passing by

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