You know how God spoke to people by sending an angel or show up by himself ? Well , I have never experienced that Ezekiel or John type of moment in my life but I have grown in my faith to discover how he sometimes speaks to me . He just sends a song my way . I am always on the lookout for new or old songs and it’s funny how in the end , I always land on a song that completely resonates with me and the moment that I am in . I don’t know if I am the only one who miraculously lands on a song that has the exact words that I was probably struggling to say when praying or having a moment of meditation . 

  Whenever I come across a song and it keeps ringing on my head after listening to it , I usually go back and look for the story behind the song , from who wrote it , what they were going through and of course with my guitar next to me , find a way of playing it . Nine out of ten , the stories behind the songs I come across resonate with what is happening in my life and it can be scary and beautiful . Knowing that God literally sent a song my way is a grace I can never add up (Line from a song )

   So , lately , there has been this one song . Hope is alive by Kristine Dimarco . It was released in 2017 and I just found it in 2020 . It’s from an album that I have come across many times , even listened to some songs from it like It is well , but never set my eyes on Hope is alive . I have even watched a short film with the whole story behind the album and the song is previewed but still , it never dawned on me that it was a prayer I was going to pray soon . See, that’s exactly how God sends these songs my way . 

   I have recently been intentionally looking back at the many years I spent under medication for the heart problem I had and this song presented a certain perspective of it that I never thought of before . That hope was alive in me through those years . I was young and did not really have that deep relationship with God and now seeing that season from up here , I see the hope that was alive . I see a kid who was determined to get through every injection , every month , for over ten years . 

   I was always confronted by darkness . The idea of death would strike me down once in a while but that beautiful thing called hope stood up and fought every fear . I knew God as this old man with white clothes sitting on a throne in the skies and ruling the earth , looking out for those who do wrong . That was it . That was the idea of God that I had . There was nothing deeper . But even in that understanding of who God was , I still had hope that the old man from the sky was watching over me . That he would get me through until the last injection . He did , by the way .

   My struggle with this song has been all about my doubts , my fears and the times I never hoped for . It broke me that a younger and clueless version of me hoped but this current version of me can be the complete opposite sometimes . In this wrestling ring , the song has been adding that declaration in my life . That hope is alive today , because he is alive today. 

   The younger version of me clearly didn’t understand the part where hope is alive because Jesus is alive . And having a personal relationship with God has been the catalyst to understanding that . No matter what we face , we overcome in Jesus’ name . 

   While I admire that young me for hoping through the toughest season of my life , I am getting the concept of hope in a totally new way that is really beautiful . And I can confidently sing that my hope is alive today , because He is alive today . That I have been given His name , the name that is above every other name . That everything I can ever face has tasted defeat in Jesus’ name . 

   Paul once wrote that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. 

  I am learning to cling to this new perspective of hope . I found something that is above everything else and it’s changing everything in my life . Now we don’t have to address the darkness anymore . We can call the light because everything else has been defeated . 

   Hope is alive is my song for this month . I listen and play through it with my guitar while having my private worship moment and it’s the most beautiful thing . Every moment , there is this reminder that the world can throw me to the wall and punch me but I can cling to my hope in Jesus when that happens because he reveals his character through these moments .

What have you been learning lately ? I’d love to know about it . Care to share ? You can do that in the comment section or write to me via my email .

Hope is alive by Kristine

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