Moses Kuria is a Kenyan Radio personality , writer and instrumentalist . He is currently a radio show host at Truth Fm (www.truthfm.org) in Kenya , hosting a show from 7-10 pm every weekday , writes for this website and holds a Youtube channel that focuses on equipping guitarists with skills and knowledge on everything guitars . A Rheumatic Heart Disease warrior , He also uses his platforms to create awareness on the condition .

This is so hard writing my friend . I am trying to play third person and write about myself(laughs). Anyway , I am just an all round creative . I am grateful to God that I get to do the things that I love everyday in different ways (radio , writing and music ). I hope this website becomes a space that you can always run to in case you need something to inspire you in your life -MK


Did I ever see myself being a whole radio presenter when I was young? Absolutely not . That is exactly why I cherish this journey and give the best every time I get behind the microphone . I still get goosebumps when people come with the “Hey , I was listening to you last night on the cab or public transport or at a cafe ,”. But I do enjoy being on radio every weekday . It’s the one platform where the introvert in me feels comfortable . I could do a whole show while sitting upside down in the studio(laughs) and no one will know .

Above everything, I am grateful to God for the journey I am in with radio . I do it because he sent me on this path and He sustains me in it . Wherever He takes me , I am ready to go .

The True Armor | Monday-Friday | 7-10 pm | Listen on Frequency 90.7 around Nairobi , Nakuru , Machakos , Kajiado , Kiambu , Muranga . Listen Live from anywhere around the world on truthfm.org

Here is a link to my Youtube Channel


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